Symptom: I get an error C1 on my Morita!

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Symptom: I get an error C1 on my Morita!

Post by annvb » Thu Dec 17, 2009 2:52 pm

Description :

An error C1 means that the connection between your PC or server is lost.

Solution :

This can have many causes :

1. A connection loss in the middle of an image transfer.

It is possible that an update was done to your firewall software. This can happen without you knowing it.

The image is stuck and will block all communication between the Morita and your PC/Server.

In order to free up the communication, you will need to de-activate the Morita <deamon> on the PC/Server. <A>

You will find the Morita icon (deamon) in the status bar in the right hand corner.

- Click on the right mouse button on the Morita icon en choose to close.

Restart the Morita deamon :

- Go to the Start button of windows, go to the Start Up section and choose the Morita icon.

It is possible you will get a message to save the image. You say YES to save the image.

This will launch the Morita deamon again.

Restart the Morita.

2. The network cable is loose

You will need to verify that the networkcable on your Morita and on your PC/Server is well connected.

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